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I'm taking my first trip to Russia for Christmas and New year's to see my fiancee'!

To help cover costs of the airplane ticket's, i've decided to offer a great service to the Russian community.

Simply, If you have a package you wish to be delivered to either Moscow or Orel, I will take it with me and we will personally deliver it for you!

I know the postal system in Russia is not reliable, and the Holidays are here. We will personally deliver a package for you during my 2 week stay.

Your delivery will be much faster than by post, cost less than by post, and it will actually arrive!

Help me go see my sweetheart, and i'll help you get your package to your family/friends!

For larger packages, You or I can take your package to the post office and determine the normal cost of delivery. I will do it for you for 25% less than that cost!

For smaller packages or letters, we can decide a simple fee for that since it does'nt weigh much, maybe like $15 — $20 each or something. It depends on the item, and we can discuss it smile.gif

I will be leaving ON Christmas Day (December 25th) and returning January 8th. My fiancee' lives in Orel, but we will be spending some days in Moscow.

If you have something you want delivered, please contact me anytime! I speak english only, for Russian, please email, not call, and i can have the email translated.


- Jason Adamski

(608) 446-4209 (Madison Number)

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