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There is a possibility to skate at Madison Ice Arena once a week at the cost of approximately $10.00 per person per game. A game would last approximately one hour (maybe a little longer). There will be no referees and therefore we will have no interruptions.

The games will start at 10:00 PM since this is the cheapest time and any other time would pretty much double the price.

We are planning on scheduling it on Wednesday nights starting in October.

At this point we are looking for 16 players including two goalies (maybe more but certainly not more than 20). The basic logic is that we will have 5 skaters on the ice, two subs on the bench and two goalies.

We don’t intend this to be highly competitive — this is just to have fun and enjoy the good company. We could have some beers after the game if we feel like it.

Unfortunately, we will have to collect the payment upfront to make sure that we have sufficient funds to pay at the end. I would suggest that we all contribute $100 at the beginning (first time we get on the ice) and that should get us about two and a half month of hockey. If at the end we have some money left we can either equally divide it between all of us or use towards new ice time or spend it on drinks. I am sure we won’t fight over this :)

Please, contact me ASAP and let me know if you are interested.

My contact information is below

Alexander Garbuz
(608) 628 2448

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