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Dear Community,

The Madison Russian School has, for the last several months, been holding a new class for children that have minimal to no Russian language skills. The class has been a great success! There are currently several open seats in the class if you, or someone you know, might be interested. Parents who do not speak Russian are also welcome to sit in on the class with their children so they can support the new skills at home.

Below is a testimonial from the adopted parent of one of our students. She has generously offered to speak with interested parents about any questions they may have about the class from a parental standpoint.

That request from my six year old son was welcomed news to my ears. Ever since we had adopted Vadim three years ago, my husband and I had tried to foster an appreciation of our son's Russian heritage. But we knew we couldn't help him with the language since we ourselves are not fluent Russian speakers.

We were excited to hear about the class for beginners that was offered by the Madison Russian School. It's targeted for 6-8 year olds who do not know the Russian language but want to learn. The teacher is very energetic and is skilled at bringing a variety of teaching methods to the classroom so that the young students can learn irregardless of their individual learning style. The students were excited to be able to speak some words after the very first class. I was impressed to see how easily the teacher introduced the written alphabet to the students, one or two letters each class session. It's not overwhelming the students at all, they are having fun! My son really enjoys this class, and he's learning at a very comfortable rate.

The family involvement is important, I'm learning along with my son and we practice together throughout the week. This class is a wonderful treasure for our family. Thank you, Madison Russian School.

If you are interested in the class, but your child does not fit within that age group, please contact us regardless, as we are always willing to open a new class if enough students are available!

For more information, please visit our school website, A current copy of our school schedule can be found by clicking here.

Thank you!

Инна Райнфельд
Madison Russian School, Inc.

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