> Новый русский продуктовый магазин скоро в Мадисоне!
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Dear Community,

Due to the many requests we have received from you, we have invited the new Russian grocery store, Spartak, from Milwaukee to come and offer their services to you following our May 6th World War II Remembrance!!! As previously advertised, the Remembrance and the store visit will be held on Sunday, May 6th, beginning at 2:00 PM, at the following address:
Eagle Heights Community Center
611 Eagle Heights
Madison WI

Spartak will begin selling shortly after 3:00 PM and will continue until approximately 5:30 PM.

They offer a wide selection of high quality products at very affordable prices. Their products are very fresh and are marked with expiration dates. We're very glad to be able to fulfill your wishes and bring this store to Madison!

Special and pre-orders can be made by calling 414-332-3347. If temporarily unavailable under this number, please call 847-529-1719 to order. It is wise to pre-order to guarantee that the products you desire are available and to reduce the waiting time when purchasing.

***Посещение нового русского продуктового магазина «Спартак» из г. Милуоки. Продажа продлится до 5:30 вечера. Этот магазин очень популярен своими свежими и дешевыми продуктами! Пожалуйста, торопитесь и делайте Ваши заказы по тел.: 414-332-3347 или 847-529-1719. ***

We're looking forward to seeing you all there!

Инна Райнфельд
Madison Russian School, Inc.

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